2021 Chamber Music Workshops
The SWSQ Intermediate Chamber Music Workshop was a huge success! Many thanks to all of the young musicians, and their families, as well as our coaches, Rebecca McKee and Laura Tagawa, and our Intern, Gabby Cioca. We are extremely grateful to The Gregory School for allowing us to be on their beautiful campus! It turns out that the firewall there didn't allow access to YouTube, but there is a video available now of that performance on our unlisted YouTube channel.

We're off to a great start today with the SWSQ Advanced Chamber Music Workshop! There will be eight - yes, 8 - ensembles sharing their beautiful, amazing music with you. The wifi at The Gregory School will be down due to maintenance, so we will be unable to live-stream. However we will record the performance and upload that to video to an unlisted YouTube channel. Check back here for the link!

June 11, 2021
Dear Friends,
My profuse apologies for the technical glitch with the YouTube live-stream of the SWSQ Intermediate Chamber Music Workshop concert. Hopefully the live-stream of the SWSQ Advanced Chamber Music Workshop will work. You can always watch from our FaceBook page, and if you're unable to access that, you may view the video on our YouTube channel.

2021 SWSQ Intermediate Chamber Music Workshop Concert video

The Southwest String Quartet Workshops will happen in person this year! We are grateful to The Gregory School for welcoming us to their campus. We hope that you will join us!

Our 2021 Chamber Music Workshops will be a little different because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we're still planning on a lot of fun creating beautiful and amazing music.

Intermediate Chamber Music Workshop Performance:
Advanced Chamber Music Workshop Performance: Check back soon for the link.

Here are some changes:
You may download the application and return to Mary Beth via snail mail; her address is on the form, or
     -- complete, then scan and return via email to, or
     -- open the .pdf, and fill & sign, and email to
You may send the deposit and/or the fee using Zelle to
(We can also accept PayPal or Venmo -  please contact us about this)
All activities are at The Gregory School Campus, 3231 N. Craycroft Rd.  85712
Please wear a mask for all activities. Thank you!
Please bring a stand and water bottle.
For the Intermediate Workshop, please bring a light snack.
For the Advanced Workshop, please bring a sack lunch.
The concerts will be live-streamed.
Intermediate Chamber Music Workshop Performance:
Advanced Chamber Music Workshop Performance:
Please don't hesitate to ask questions!
Thank you for joining us!

2021 Chamber Music Workshop Intermediate Division (Grades 6-8)
June 7 to 11 (Monday through Friday)
9:00 am to 12:00 noon
The Gregory School
3231 N. Craycroft Rd.  85712
Fee:  $225

click here for more information and to download forms

2021 Chamber Music Workshop Advanced Division (Grades 8 and above)
June 14 to 18 (Monday through Friday)
9:00 am to 1:30 PM
The Gregory School
3231 N. Craycroft 85712
Fee:  $325

click here for more information and to download forms


2020 Chamber Music Workshops

May 27, 2020
Thank you so much for your interest in the 2020 Southwest String Quartet Workshops.  Your support over the years has meant so much to us.  We have come to the conclusion that a workshop this summer is just not feasible.  Finding a facility to host us is a tremendous obstacle, and we want to safeguard the health of our precious students and teachers.

The 4 members of the Southwest String Quartet are all available for online private lessons, and when it is safe, for small group coaching sessions in our homes or backyards.  Please contact us individually if you are interested.

We look forward to a future where the workshop is again possible!  Stay posted!  We hope all of you will join us in summer 2021, and we will also be considering options for mini-workshops during school breaks, as well. 

May 9, 2020
For over 20 years the Southwest String Quartet Summer Workshops have been the highlight of the summer for all of us. The chance to work on musical masterpieces with amazing students in small groups is so exciting and satisfying.  As you know, summer 2020 is presenting extreme challenges for everyone.  We are still hopeful that we will be able to offer a workshop in July, but we reluctantly have faced the fact that our planned workshops in May and June need to be canceled.  In addition to serious health concerns for all, we are dependent on finding a facility that is willing to host our workshop.  Also, we need to investigate our insurance situation.

We are exploring the idea of holding a multi-level workshop July 6-10.  In past years we have combined the advanced and intermediate levels successfully into one workshop, and we are confident that we can creatively accomplish this again.  If this comes to fruition, our current plan is to do 5 days, 9:30 to 2:30, with a livestreamed concert the afternoon of the last day. Having a large audience does not seem possible or safe this summer.  We will work on this plan and communicate details to you when we can.

As noted above, we are dependent on finding a facility willing to have the workshop. And we want to make sure that all of us are confident that the workshop will be a safe environment.  If you have any ideas or thoughts concerning this, please share them with us.

We love making music with all of you and we can't wait for the next opportunity to come together under the Southwest String Quartet umbrella, even if it has to be in summer 2021.  Please keep practicing and enjoying your instrument. You are the future of our amazing art form, and you can model for others the compassion and sensitivity that playing music together brings to our world.

Please don't heistate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Take care, be safe, well and happy!


photo by Kendall Kroesen


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